Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jai Vishwakarma

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  1. Development of Black Smith Families---

    Dear friends all of us know about poor condition of Black Smith Families in all over india not even in UP & Bihar. For their progress one should come forward to help, educate them and introduce them to out side world because most of these family live in rural area and do their traditional work that is why they converged at one place.

    They should have to provide their children modern and job oriented education as well as migrate to NCR and big cities where they can get job and good living which will give them better tomorrow.

    So we have to unite for this mission

    Jai Shri Vishwakarma !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Brother
    Can I know about the wife of bhagawan Vishwakarma

  3. Very good question........i would try to know :)

  4. Hello,

    The wife of bhagwan Vishwakarma was Gayatri.

    Bhagwan Vishwakarma created Gayatri and gave birth of 5 sons - Manu, Maya, Twastha, Shilpi and Devagya they are treated as Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra and Surya respectively.

  5. Could you please give me the 108 names of Viswakarma Bhagwan as it on not visible from the website image. mail at


  6. Dear friend Is there any reference about this above information regarding name of wife of God vishwkarma ? Please reply My mail account is
    ML Sharma AE Indore M.P.

  7. to my all religious community friends.friends i belong to bihar state.i strongly wantto proclaim that central govt has decidied to include lohar community as scedule caste community in bihar but still this petition is pending with no i would like to recall all my those friends who are belonging to bihar state to get in contact with each other and make a unity so that we can do somthing for our community reservation in bihar to inlight the future of all poor people of enhance my confidence power to me at

  8. We are 50-60 family from lohar community of single lineage staying at Ali Neura, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Rare in bihar.