Monday, April 2, 2012

Vishwakarma Welfare Plan

Hello All,

Now its time we should start some work on ground level to benefit us. I have
some plan outlined.

1. Teach Vishwakarma: Focus is on spreading importance of knowledge and teach
vishwakrmas voluntarily. Educated and skilled person can impart their knowledge
to others. It could be Computer knowledge, English (Speaking, Writing),
Physics, Chemistry, Math and any other subject that they feel comfort. Guide and
motivate students for their career path. We can setup primarily it in Delhi,
just an idea.

2. Career: Generate some employment, inform others if there is vacant
position nearby their surroundings.

3. Vishwakarma Kosh: Set up a Kosh with donated money to help financially to
community people. example - helping poor meritorious students, in accidents,
marriage (without dowry) and any other way to needy people.

4. Let's Speaks: People can share their experience if they found any help /
useful information through this website, example: Got a bride / groom, made
new friends or any help they got from website.

I seek your valuable opinion and help to come all this plan true and work on
ground level. Its just an idea, we need to check, modify and work on this.

Pradeep L Thakur

Monday, January 2, 2012

How to interact with each other

My query is what should we do to interact with each other. Here only details are there. If we can connect through social networking sites then we can best be contacted.
Anil Kumar Sharma