Monday, April 2, 2012

Vishwakarma Welfare Plan

Hello All,

Now its time we should start some work on ground level to benefit us. I have
some plan outlined.

1. Teach Vishwakarma: Focus is on spreading importance of knowledge and teach
vishwakrmas voluntarily. Educated and skilled person can impart their knowledge
to others. It could be Computer knowledge, English (Speaking, Writing),
Physics, Chemistry, Math and any other subject that they feel comfort. Guide and
motivate students for their career path. We can setup primarily it in Delhi,
just an idea.

2. Career: Generate some employment, inform others if there is vacant
position nearby their surroundings.

3. Vishwakarma Kosh: Set up a Kosh with donated money to help financially to
community people. example - helping poor meritorious students, in accidents,
marriage (without dowry) and any other way to needy people.

4. Let's Speaks: People can share their experience if they found any help /
useful information through this website, example: Got a bride / groom, made
new friends or any help they got from website.

I seek your valuable opinion and help to come all this plan true and work on
ground level. Its just an idea, we need to check, modify and work on this.

Pradeep L Thakur


  1. Pradeep ji i am totaly agree with you but mai vishavkarma putro ko batna nahi chahta mai puri panchal samaj ke liye kam karna chahta hu, hum luhar bhi bhi to isi samaj ka hissa hai if you agree to work for total panchal samaj i have fully support for you, but i am very sorry to say only luhar is not possible for me

    Raj Kamal Panchal

    1. Hi Raj,

      Its open for all Vishwakarma whether its Lohar, Badhai, Sunar or Tamrakar. I just kept the small area for start, i think not even for vishwakarma it can be for any needy person of society and its not politically motivated also.

      If we have strength, money we can help other section of society also.

      Pradeep Lal

  2. Dear Pradeep,

    I think its a very good idea whatever you have planned. But we need to plan this things through discussions .
    I am ready for this.


    1. Hi Anil,

      Yes, It will be started after discussion with you and all willing persons, i have just posed and idea and we need to devise it.

      Pradeep Lal

  3. Dearest one,
    I received your mail and i hope you are fine there. If we are proper working in this way then our comunnity is going on very well path.

    Best Regards

  4. hello pradeep ji mai Ak sharma from Jharkhand but I living in Chennai,today I have seen this site and cordialy I like to write some thing for our castes and community we are by part of our brotherhood we are five but ,we have to unite and a couple of hands each other will come in that period we will come in society a powerful body in all respect so it need to be communicate with all our brothers ,it is a very vaste question before us arising ,so plz find out a idea to be gether and should be discussion with if it is possible please do needful and contact to them and if u seem my require for this work plz with out any hesitation call me i am ready .now i started to collect contact nos of those IAS AND IPS OFFIcers .thanx ak sharma,chennai contact no 9385365851

  5. Dear Sir,
    main abhi 25 years ka hu aur meri soch ye hain ki aaj kaj chahe wo lohar ho ya other caste jo bhi garib hain unke liye aap log jo kar rhe hai wo bahut hi sarahniy hain
    main asha karta hu is kaam me aap log mujhe zarutmand samjhte hain to main apne apko thanya samjhunga
    suresh vishwakarma
    civil engineer

  6. Vision for Vishwakarma Community:
    1> Scholarship for the Needy Brother/sisters from community.
    2>Vishwakarma temple's owned by community members to have shelter homes for homeless/Widows/Orphan.Example role model Gurudwara.
    3>Renovation for Temples/Dormitory(Dharmashala) in poor state.
    4>Education awarenes among community mebers for Girl/Boy child without any distinction.
    3>Oppose Dowry system/Female Foeticide/distinction based on sex of the child.
    4>Community Schools/Hospital, to have quota for Vishwakarma community.
    5>Factories Owned by Community meber's should employ Community member's, also job to given to Widows/needy brother's/sisters.
    6>Vedic schools for Community member's for Girs/Boys.
    7>Marriage between Vishwakarma community based all across India irrespective of Languge/State barrier.
    8>Strenghning bond/Coopertaion between Vishwakarma Community members irrespective of Languge/State barrier.

  7. @raj: Even i am panchal bt We are a part of Vishwakarma Samaj....If u want fully panchal then also u promote this community and they will promote urs.........Amd help each othr

    Amol Panchal

  8. When i say Vishwkarma Community Groups it means all Brother & Sisters from Community whether it is Panchal,Achary,Jangid, Ramagarhia.
    I am based in NaviMumbai, i am trying to contact Various Organisation across India so that we can have Cooperation.
    If we are United then only we can survive & achieve our Goals.
    Feel free to reach me on my mobile that can be found on Lohars.Org

    Jai Vishwakarma
    Rajeevranjan Thakur

  9. Very good effort Pradeep Lal....For saving our community Educate our child to our maximum extent.That education will bring us the wealth and Power..Go everywhere for education and career.We need many many doctors,engineers,IAS officers,Teachers, induatrialist,Bussinesmen..etc from our community.Do something to uplift our other brothers from backwardness.

    Lets Viswakarmas conquer the world..


  10. aap ne ye bhut hi acha kam kiya hai logo ko jodne me sabhi bandhu sangithit honge

  11. Its a good work , We can get a chance to make a successive carrier .

  12. Hi,

    From January 2015, We formed a fund called "Vishwakarma Kosh"

    Pradeep L Thakur

  13. Hi,

    We started a Kosh "Vishwakarma Kosh"

  14. Dear friends
    Recently I gone through the online research of our caste and ancestry of our people, I found a good comparison between Indian caste system and Indonesian caste system.
    The Brahmin community in Indonesia followed/ following our lineage of 5 Brahma(Manu, Maya, Twastha, shilpi, vishvajna) and mentioned in
    The Brahmana caste was further subdivided by these Dutch ethnographers into two: Siwa and Buda. The Siwa caste was subdivided into five – Kemenuh, Keniten, Mas, Manuba and Petapan.
    So the present Brahmin community manipulated the stories. I was trying write / edit the same thing in Vishwakarma(Caste) Wikipedia. But somebody was keep on changing strongly with a misleading research references.

    My belief is "we are the actual Brahmins form the prehistoric periods with strong evidences, so we need a strong voice by collecting the right information to fight against them to re-own our status.

    The supreme personality of god head lord Vishwakarma is incarnation of Lord Brahma to implement/ engineered the non-living things.
    We people are the direct descendents and still using the same gothras and customs, if we are the copiers as the so called Brahmins mentioned, it couldn’t be longer
    So friend we need to take it seriously by understanding the severity of the mis-leaders

    1. Aàp ke sarahniy Karya ki prasansa ki Jay to kam aàp logo ko pranam aàp ka vipin vishwakarma jiladhych akhil bharti vishwakarma shilpkar Maha sabha mau Pradesh sachiv samajwadi party Lo uttar Pradesh