Monday, January 2, 2012

How to interact with each other

My query is what should we do to interact with each other. Here only details are there. If we can connect through social networking sites then we can best be contacted.
Anil Kumar Sharma


  1. Dear Anil,

    Yes on the "Lohar Club" section only members details are there. If you or anyone want to communicate any of the member he / she can talk to member's mobile phone or write an email to member's email id. This is the main mean to contact members and usually i am contacted on my mobile number directly by many of the members.

    One member can contact to other if he / she requires any kind of help or suggestion from other and members details are categorised on basis of state to keep data in an organised manner. These data can later be analysed to know our educational, social and political status.

    If you say in terms of, to communicate all of the members then you or anyone can send them email, invite them on social websites, infact i was member of Lohar Community on and sorry to say, that group was not very much active. Here i will start two more column, "Career" and "Lohar's Speak" on where one can provide career opportunity to others and if they have any good message it can be written under "Lohar's Speak"

    For long term, i am planning to open "Teach Lohars" where one can contribute their skills to those who are willing to learn Computer, Englilsh and other technology and it will be on contribution basis by gathering the people on a place (park or a rented house).

    I always wait for new ideas and suggestions.

    Pradeep Lal

  2. one fb page may be created

  3. Praveen VishwakarmaAugust 25, 2014 at 1:56 AM

    Facebook page or whats app group can be created with the help of mobile numbers.

  4. my name is sunny kumar i would like to ask to all of u about lohar st or not in central