Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lohar Gotra


One of our brother wants to know about Lohar Gotras.

Query is: please tell me about lohar(maithil brahmin) gotra


  1. A Gotra is identified with the name of the head of the group, a Rishi / Sage.
    Mine is Shandilya Gotra.

  2. i heared that shandilya is a lineage means it includes many sub gotras.I m little confused about igt??

    plz help me....i want to know it.
    my id is

  3. Gotra is a Brahminical system which denotes that we were follower of Saint Shandilya,Shandilya gotra is available in all castes.

    Mool is a internal system of a caste.

    For better clarification read "TRIBE and CASTE of WEST BENGAL" by H.H. Risley it will be available in Libraries.

    Arun Sharma

  4. Bhai log,

    Kuch brahmins reservation ke chakkar mein lohar ban gaye hain . is liye ye sara confusion hain. There is no links with brahmins gotras system and those of lohar. Mithila brahmins can't be lohar. lohar were classfied as SC/ST in bihar and lator on became part of OBC list. Lohar category aloways belongs to vaishya community which is where all those in MP and Maharastra are fooling the nations. pehle koi brahmin surname rakhlo phir reservation lelo then brahmin banke high caste ban joa.. wah ji wah